9 Sep 2015

Vehicle for Hire Bylaw Proposes Big Changes

A Public Hearing will be held September 16th to discuss ​substantial changes ​to the Vehicle for Hire bylaw (Read the proposed bylaw here).

You can also provide feedback through an online survey open until September 13 and/or by registering to speak at the Public Hearing.

​While I am on leave from Council, I still want to hear from you. I will convey your feedback to my colleagues and city administrators.

​The changes, if adopted by Council, will allow ride-sharing companies like Uber to legally enter the market if the companies apply for a dispatch licence, their drivers obtain suitable commercial insurance, vehicle inspections, a criminal record check and a license.

Edmontonians deserve to have reliable and safe alternatives to private vehicles. However, it’s important that the bylaw treats the whole industry fairly. I have some concerns from that perspective.

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8 Jul 2015

Jackson Heights Rezoning Balances Different Needs

Jackson Heights Rezoning Balances Different Needs

This week Council approved a rezoning application in the Jackson Heights neighbourhood. The Evangel Pentecostal Assembly on 50th street applied for the rezoning for some of its land adjacent to the church. They plan to build two 4-storey apartments on the site.

 The community’s residents raised some important considerations during planning, consultation. I worked closely with residents and the Church leaders to resolve them to the best of my ability.

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21 May 2015

Placement of New Community Mailboxes

Placement of New Community Mailboxes

Over the Summer some residential blocks in Ward 12 will be getting community mailboxes due to Canada Post’s decision to phase out door-to-door delivery service.  Mature areas in communities all over the country are now seeing this shift, but it hasn’t been an easy transition.

Some residents in Ward 12 have been frustrated to find out these community boxes will be placed along their property. ​I share and understand their frustration, as they were notified of the decision with little warning or consultation. Residents have the best knowledge of how their own neighbourhood works, and in some cases believe that another location might serve better.

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4 May 2015

Humbled to Accept Men of Honour Award

Humbled to Accept Men of Honour Award

Last Friday, I humbly accepted the Man of Honour, Exemplary Leadership Award from the Centre to End All Sexual Exploitation, commonly known as CEASE.

Twelve other men and I received each an award for the leadership role we take to end sexual exploitation, human trafficking and social inequality in Edmonton. I want to thank CEASE for this honour. I accept this award as a responsibility to work harder to end gender discrimination/violence, to build a socially-inclusive and a just society.

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29 Apr 2015

Energy Transition Strategy is a Significant Step Forward

Energy Transition Strategy is a Significant Step Forward

This morning Council unanimously passed a motion that administration prepare a plan to implement 11 Strategic Actions for the Energy Transition Strategy.

I was happy that these passed with the support of all Councillors. We recognize the risks to the security and health of our City if we choose not to take meaningful steps toward change.

The Strategy will help move Edmonton towards energy independence, and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels which currently provide 95% of our City’s energy. Without efficiencies and a reduction in per capita energy use and GHGs, Edmonton’s air quality, food supply, and electricity could be in jeopardy.

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