18 Dec 2014

Reflections on Budget 2015

Reflections on Budget 2015

This month Council decided the City’s 2015 operating budget and 2015-18 capital budget.

The operating budget maintains and expands day-to-day service levels for Edmontonians. The capital budget sets the infrastructure projects over the next four years.

This year’s deliberations were about achieving balance. Some priorities were contentious and differed among Councillors, but in the end we passed a budget that everyone supported.

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12 Dec 2014

Closing of Budget Debate

Yesterday evening, Council wrapped up its budget discussion and voting. The full budgets, both four-year Capital and one-year Operating, passed with all Councillors and the Mayor in favour. A 5.7% increase was finalized, and though it’s not ideal, I believe we did our best to balance service delivery and the pressures of a growing city & region.

My full closing remarks before the vote are below. I encourage you as well to take a look at this great website: http://yegcitybudget.ca/ which details the amendments Council passed, and explains other aspects of the budget process.

Next week I will address some of the popular topics that came our of our discussions.

Have a good weekend!


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5 Nov 2014

Fostering Truly Public Discussion

Fostering Truly Public Discussion

The conversation around City Hall over the last number of months, or years, has centred on public engagement.

As a corporation, we’re trying to assess the best ways to get people to participate in discussions that affect their neighbourhood and our city. We want to show that public input is valuable and shapes decisions.

But many people in our City are unfortunately excluded from many areas of public life. People feel marginalized for all sorts of reasons, such as ethnicity, language, income or mental health. None of these are valid reasons for exclusion. As a city, we can work toward something better by building capacity for anyone to be active participants in our community no matter the barrier. Imagine for a minute what that would look like.

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8 Oct 2014

Photo Radar Inquiry

Photo Radar Inquiry

Below is the full text of the inquiry Councillor Loken and I submitted about Edmonton's photo radar program.

Answers are expected in conjunction with an Office of Traffic Safety report on November 13th. 

I hope that these answers clear up some misconceptions about the program. Clarification around these points will help Council make decisions on photo radar and allow the public to understand it better.

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2 Sep 2014

30 km/hour School Zones now in Effect

30 km/hour School Zones now in Effect

Starting September 2nd, 30 km per hour school zones are in effect around elementary schools in Edmonton, a program which has been advertised in the media in recent weeks. 

This is a simple change that will help protect children as they begin the school year. Elementary students are among the most vulnerable people on the roadways given their size and inexperience in navigating tasks like crossing the street. Slowing traffic around schools adds a buffer as vehicles require much less stopping distance.

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